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It's All About Love

It’s all about love

Says fire

Fire is one of the 5 Elements. It is associated with the summer, passion, love and partnership. Fire’s greatest strength can be its ability to connect, feel loved and to share love. Its greatest fear is that it is not loved. Someone who has a lot of fire might take things too personally or think that people don’t like them. Remember, rarely it is about you. Most of the times people respond based on their own story and experiences.

Almost every culture has a way that they categorize people. Think about the zodiac signs, ayurvedic doshas, enneagrams or even Myers Briggs. Chinese Medicine has the Five Elements (metal, wood, fire, earth and water.) Some styles of Chinese Medicine categorize people into one of these five categories. People are categorized based on how they move, the sound of their voice, subtle colors on their skin, things they say and even how they smell. If you are constitutionally a fire person then you will likely have a laugh in your voice, your face might flush red easily and you might have a scorched smell. Fire people often have long, flame like fingers and pronounced cheek bones.

For every constitution there are two sides of the same coin. Fire people can excel at making connections, forming meaningful partnerships, brining joy to a room, operating from their heart, bringing in passion and expressing love. On the flip side of the coin, fire out of balance can have trouble forming connections and can become bitter and joyless. For a fire person, their pathological lie is that they are not loved and they can easily think that people don’t like them. Heartbreak can create imbalance for a fire person and cause them to withdrawal or put up walls. Healing happens when the heartbreak is mended, and the person can go on to form new and meaningful connections or deepen the ones they have.

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