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Produce Stock Up!

It's Day 5 of #eatcleanseptember. How is it going for you? Sometimes a little moodiness and frustration can occur in the first 10 days. This is normal. You are ridding yourself of a very addictive substance (sugar!). Also, you are spending a little more time planning and you may be noticing that you need to eat more to not get hungry when you're eating whole foods and not ones that are processed quick grabs.

Stick with it! you are doing amazing things for your health- body, mind and spirit. Keep healthy snacks with you like almonds, carrots, berries and hummus to push off hunger. Have fun trying new meals and for some this might mean getting yourself back into the habit of cooking.

Some of you may wonder why we are doing this for an entire month. Part of this is because it takes a little while to break a habit and fully committing for a month gives you the best chance of doing so. Secondly, it takes a while to change your gut microbiome and doing so will not only make you healthier, it will help you reduce cravings in the future. Finally, for those with inflammatory conditions (such as autoimmune diseases) we want to give your body time to feel the effects of avoiding inflammatory foods. This way you can make an assessment as to whether or not this should become a permanent change.

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