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Eat Clean September

Heartspace Acupuncture is hosting a full month of clean eating. The goal is to eat clean for the entire month. This involves eliminating dyes, preservatives, additives and sugar and focusing on wholesome and nourishing foods. You might also consider eliminating gluten and dairy throughout this time as well.

There are many benefits of making this change for an entire month. For one, it allows the sugar, chemicals, preservatives and gluten to get fully out of your system so that you can truly see how your body functions without them. Secondly, it helps to reset your gut microbiome. For instance, starving out bacterias that feed on sugar will reduce your sugar cravings. It also gives you time to fully form new habits.

The goals of Eat Clean September are:

1. To determine how you feel in your body when eat clean.

2. To identify potential food allergens and triggers.

3. To see if avoiding certain foods and chemicals helps to alleviate disease or various symptoms.

4. To help form habits that encourage optimal health.

This month should not feel like a deprivation. Instead, this month should be viewed as a gift you are giving to yourself. You are providing your body with food and nutrition that helps it function at its best. The benefit can be seen on a body, mind and spirit level.

We know habits can be hard to change and eating clean involves some planning, preparation, time and thought. We get it. Jill has three kids and I have one three month old that I am nursing. We also both work. We get being stretched for time. However, the more you practice the easier that it gets and the reward for your effort will be seen with how great you will feel!

To help you out we will be posting inspiration, advice and ideas all month. You can access this here on the blog or on our facebook. If neither are your thing, we will be happy to add you to an email list that provides these things as well.

Here is the link to our facebook:

Here is an article about what clean eating is:

Here is a YouTube defining clean eating:

Here is a fun YouTube on clean eating hacks:

Happy grocery shopping!

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