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Late Summer

"In the summer, heaven's breath is damply hot. It smothers the earth with dullness. Suddenly thick clouds gather: A wave of polar air passes like a frigid rake. Acorns fall like bullets, And a new wind breaks though." -Deng Ming-Dao

You might be feeling the effects of the damp heat of late summer: the puffy hands, foggy mind, achy joints, decreased motivation and increased fatigue. The humidity leads to a stagnation that can affect how we feel in our body. Nothing is permanent though, the nights are coming earlier and the sun is rising later. Soon the crisp air will flow in and the stagnation will lift.

How else is stagnation showing up in your life? How can you move through it?

Now is a time that avoiding damp producing foods is extra important. The late summer is the the time to eat light, digestible and fresh foods. Dairy, gluten and sugar all create more stagnation and worsen the symptoms associated with the season.

This season is also a reminder to slow down. We are not the decline from summer into fall and our bodies are our reminder that the descent is on its way.

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