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Moving Into Winter

This time of year can be one of powerful transformation. The yang of the playful summer has come to an end and we feel the cold of the winter set in. The trees are dropping their leaves, creating a mulch for the trees and plants. We won’t see it, but a lot of growth will occur under the cold surface of the earth in preparation for the spring.

The fall is the time for awe, inspiration and letting go. The winter is the time for quiet reflection. The merge between the two brings us the gift of reflecting and letting go of what no longer serves and for finding peace with what is. The vibrant fall colors teach us the beauty of letting go.

This is the perfect time for warm soups, stews and porridges. If you eat meat, now is the time to add bone broth into your meals. Warming up with some friends over Pho might be just the way to go. Or, making a warm bowl of oatmeal and sitting by the window and allowing yourself to be in the silence.

Resistance to this time of year is common. Especially when you struggle with the cold. Take care of yourself. Wear your scarves and sweaters and wrap up when you go out. Also, learn to see the cold, understand it, embrace it and work with it instead of against it. So much suffering is the direct result of carrying a resistance to an inevitable. Pay attention to how this season is in your body. Are there patterns you notice year after year? Reoccurring colds, allergies or maybe even depression? How can you tend yourself as we move through the seasons?

Photo Credit: Patrice Johns

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