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10 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

1. Go to bed before 11pm. Staying awake past 11 activates your creativity and planning brain which can keep you up and thinking.

2. Cut screen time at least an hour (preferably 2) before bed. Light (especially blue light) activates the pineal gland and disrupts your sleep.

3. Get natural light throughout the day to raise your melatonin levels.

4. Establish a routine and stick with it. Bonus if you begin around the same time each night!

5. Reduce stimulation. Being in a dark room, meditating or just spending quiet time for 20 minutes before bed can ease you into a peaceful sleep.

6. Get your legs up a wall. Yogis have been telling us forever, and it works. Lay on your back with your legs resting up the wall, on several pillows, or a wedge to improve restfulness.

7. Cut stimulants like caffeine, chocolate, sugar and spicy food by the early afternoon.

8. Fill up on water throughout the day but slow down a few hours before bed so that there are less nighttime trips to the bathroom.

9. Create lists and fill in your calendar before winding down for bed so you aren't laying in bed worrying about all of the things you might forget.

10. Rub your feet. Or, if you have a willing partner ask them to do so. Bringing yourself back down to your feet helps get you out of your head.

And of course, there is always seeing your acupuncturist!

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