A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

April 19, 2018

How often do we get overwhelmed with our own self-care? It's easy to think that we're not doing enough or to beat ourselves up over eating the wrong things or "stressing out" too much. Today I am reminded how important the little things are, such as spending only a few minutes to focus on breathing. Today I chose a quick nine minutes with a guided meditation and instantly felt more relaxed and focused. Prior to this, I was thinking about how much I had to do and how little time I had.


Taking the nine minutes was well worth it though because afterward I had the focus and patience to be more productive and complete my tasks in a way that was calm and relaxed and not frustrated and rushed.

What is one good thing that you can do for yourself today? Eat a wholesome meal? Take a short walk in nature? These short investments go a long way in maintaining health and happiness. 

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