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The changing of the seasons is more of an energetic shift than it is a day on the calendar. Here in Maryland we are transitioning into the summer season. Back in my home town of Colorado they have snow on the ground! Here I can tell it is summer because the peonies are bloomed, the azaleas have dropped their flowers and there is much more activity around the neighborhood!

Summer is the time for backyard barbecues, staying up a little later at night, time spent around the campfire and fun with friends and romance. If you are finding yourself tired than it is possible you did not get enough rest this winter when the days were dark and shorter.

Living in accordance to the seasons is a good way to benefit your health. Take time to notice how your body does. Do you feel better in the warmth or when it's cold? Is the change of seasons difficult for you? In what ways do you live with the seasons or against them?

#summer #chinesemedicine #seasons #acupuncture

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