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Acupuncture treatments range from an hour to an hour and a half long. The amount of treatments needed is specific to each person and is decided by you and your practioner. Multiple modalities, including needling, cupping, moxa and gua sha may be used. There is not an additional charge for these and they will be included in your acupuncture services. For young children who do not wish to have needles, painless and non-invasive options are available.

Price varies by practitioner. Please reach out to us for our specific rates.  Discounts for military (active and prior), seniors and those on a fixed income (such as disability) are available depending on the practitioner. Some of our practitioners are able to take insurance. Others are able to provide forms for reimbursement. We are all able to provide necessary documents for FSA and HSA accounts.

We welcome you to reach out anytime with inquiries! 

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