Acupuncturist, Herbalist

            Kati Johns has been working in medicine for over 18 years, having previously worked as a RN before transitioning into acupuncture. As a nurse, she worked in pediatrics, trauma, intensive care and geriatrics. After years in the Western Medical field, she decided to move her career into Eastern Medicine.  This change occurred after witnessing both the power and limitations of Western Medicine and from wanting to be a part of bridging the gap in our healthcare system.

            Kati is passionate about helping others heal. She provides services to all ages and to a variety of conditions.

Kati's priority is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where people will be truly heard. Kati has a passion for working with fertility and GYN, youth, trauma and general medicine. This includes (but is not limited to) blood pressure or thyroid issues, neurological conditions, women's health and fertility, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disorders and spiritual and emotional challenges. She believes in treating at the root cause and basing treatments on the specific needs of the individual. She is grateful to have found acupuncture, both as a career and a patient. 

            Her other passions include spending time with her son, riding and working with horses, art, hiking, walking the dogs and exploring new towns and places. Nature is an integrative part of this medicine and it is important for her to maintain that connection with it. 


JILL MADEY, M.Ed., M.Ac., L.Ac.


          Jill Madey is a passionate licensed acupuncturist in Annapolis, Maryland. She is a vibrant blend of healer, coach, teacher and artist of this medicine.  Jill graduated from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She has spent additional time there as a teaching assistant and resident acupuncturist. Jill has also completed her doctorate clinic and thrives as a life learner.   

         Before becoming an acupuncturist Jill found her calling as a School Counselor advocating and educating children for 23 years. While dealing with a tragic battle with Lyme Disease, Jill discovered this medicine to be a life saving grace for her. As a holistic medicine, acupuncture has a profound effect on the body, mind and spirit. She learned that health is multifaceted and healing has more to do with traversing our lifestyles, relationships, and life’s purpose. Jill has since been driven to learn all she can about this fascinating, brilliant practice so she may

pass the wisdom of healing along to others.

          In addition to working with children and Autoimmune Diseases, Jill has a passion for palliative and hospice

work. She is a certified End of Life Doula and volunteer acupuncturist for Hospice of the Chesapeake. Jill finds no higher honor than the trust of her patients in a partnership of wellness and sharing heart space. Jill lives in Crownsville with her husband and three teenage children.



         Adele has been working in integrative health since 2008 when she had her first exposure to acupuncture as a marketing and office manager for a wellness center. She then earned her Master of Acupuncture Degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH), and became a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of Maryland. 

        Adele treats individual acupuncture patients at Heartspace Acupuncture, with a special focus in women’s health and mental health. She offers compassionate healthcare using acupuncture therapy, moxibustion, and Asian bodywork techniques. Treatments are based on Chinese medical diagnosis, Five Element Acupuncture, and the Body-Mind-Spirit connection. Her patients’ individual constitution and healthcare needs are thoughtfully considered. Lifestyle coaching and dietary therapy are given as needed, as well as collaboration with western healthcare professionals.

        In addition, Adele is a Yin Yang Yoga teacher, has practiced yoga since 2001, and has acquired over 1000 teaching hours. She received her Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Tina Lanzoni in 2011 and has taken an additional 100 hours of Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff Mithoefer, author of The Yin Yoga Kit. She teaches Yoga + Acupuncture workshops in Annapolis. Adele is passionate about integrating her knowledge of the ancient systems of Chinese Medicine and Yogic Philosophy to help people feel calm, balanced, peaceful and happy. 

        Through yoga and acupuncture, Adele has personally found healing from both mental and physical health conditions, as well as grounding, peace and a lightness of spirit. She is a compassionate and fiercely loving healer who works in partnership with her patients, and wants the highest good for each and every individual. When not working, Adele enjoys hiking, live music, food & wine, the beach, friends, and her personal yoga/meditation practice. She lives in the Annapolis area with her husband Andrew and cat Lily.



Acupuncturist, Herbalist

       Tyme has been fascinated with medicine and healing ever since he was a kid when he came across his mom’s old Pathology For Nurses and Anatomy and Physiology books. As an adult, after searching for relief from his own chronic neck pain and insomnia, he finally discovered the profound physical and mental level healing he was looking for in acupuncture with the late Sifu Kenny Gong in New York City. Amazed, he dropped everything and enrolled in school the next year. Since then his passion has been helping others experience freedom from physical and emotional pain as well as reclaim their own health and wellbeing. Specializing in sports acupuncture and orthopedics, Tyme is dedicated to helping you experience optimal performance in all aspects of your life, both on and off the field. 

       During his career of over 20 years he has served as Chairman of the Maryland State Acupuncture Board, Secretary of the Maryland Acupuncture Society and presented at various national and international conferences on the benefits of traditional medicine. One of Tyme’s greatest passions is teaching the beauty and effectiveness of this medicine at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia). Over the years he has served as Chair of several departments as well as the Acupuncture Clinic Director.

Currently he is an Assistant Professor and Doctor of Acupuncture. 

        Since 1998 he has been serving patients just south of Baltimore City at SourcePoint Health in Linthicum. In September of 2018 he began treating in West Annapolis where he is delighted to practice with the wonderful duo of Kati Johns and Jill Madey at their clinic, Heartspace Acupuncture.